April 2019 Show: The Dark Side of Intrigue

Have you ever stepped into an abandoned building or entered an unlit tunnel? Your mind leaps into imaginary corners where unknown souls appear faintly in the gloom. This is the theme of this month’s show. A collection from the hidden side of music’s landscape. A place where most never go, with names nobody ever knows. But shine a light in and you’ll find creativity, colour and innovation; gemstones from the mines of freemusicarchive.org. Emerging sounds of drum’n’bass, death drone metal, glitch, electronica, jazz, etc. Music, like life, takes a leap of faith sometimes. Dig deep and discover the riches.


March 2019 Show: Thrown Together. I’m Afraid

Another jar of larks from the shelf of our great eclectic necromancer, Mr Warlow. He’s bursting with weird tales to share with you all as the poisons take hold of his mind. Step closer. Let him be your tour guide. Exit via the gift shop.

Top 10 Albums for 2018

Here it is, pop-pickers.  Our Top 10 list of 2018. Some surprises, some comfy slippers, some ‘what the fuck’ moments.  All packed nicely and ready to open for our Yuletide Special.

  1. Boiled Moon by Yama Warashi
  2. Sauvage Forms by Orchestre tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp
  3. Life of by Steve Tibbetts
  4. Smote Reverser by Thee Oh Sees
  5. Listening to Pictures by Jon Hassell
  6. Du Bist so Symmetrisch by Klaus Johann Grobe
  7. Greatest Show on Earth by Elephant9
  8. Phantom Brickworks (IV & V) by Bibio
  9. Le Kov by Gwenno
  10. Masana Temples by Kikagaku Moyo 

Bubbling Under:

  1. Con Todo El Mundo by Khruangbin
  2. >>> by Beak
  3. King of Cowards by Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs