May 2022 Show – Psychic Temples

Welcome to those longer days of illumination and colour, where we all squint in the blessed rays of a new sun. We’ve kept a bed for you under a tree where you can listen to our new bunch of great sounds. This month we’re featuring tracks from the latest (and sadly last) Kikagaku Moyo album ‘Kumoyo Island’, and what a sign-off it is from this brilliant band. Daub some factor 30 on, grab your earbuds, and meet us in the hills.

April 2020 Show – Psych-Folk Special

Greetings, tree-huggers. Welcome to our April 2020 how. From the fruits of the forest comes a psych-folk special. One hour of weird ecology from artists you’ve never heard before. As always the curators of the Room pick sprinkle the finest nectar to leave you with another head full of great sounds. Cast away your heavy heart, come with us into the woods and dance with the spirits …….if you dare.

October 2021 Show: Amidst the Fall

Welcome back, friends. While others settle down to hibernate, Paradox Room returns from a spring and summer siesta. Renewed with autumn fruits, this month’s show features an array of some fresh harvest from the likes of Cate Le Bon, L’Eclair, Yin Yin, Bhajan Bhoy and Snapped Ankles. Tunes fall from trees. It’s jam-making season, and we’ve made one big juicy pie for your digest.

October 2020 Show – Lockdown Farrago

As we gaze out of our windows watching leaves sweep past in the wind like our many days of sorrow; Paradox Room has the remedy to fill your serotonin pools. Another eclectic mix of great music.  This month we feature some tracks from Bob Mould’s new album ‘Blue Hearts’. Bob’s always been a favourite in PR HQ and his albums always herald another autumn. Light nights fade and the temperatures drop.  We’ll get the kettle on, share out the biccies and shield you with another hour of warmth.

May 2020 Show: IsolationNet 2

Part 2 of our show to get you beyond the tedium of lockdown. And what a show. Mr Warlow has joined me for a battle, chosing some fine tunes to supplement my own noises from the cellar. Where but on Paradox Room can you mix French Afrobeat with now wave, US black punk from the early 70’s, freeform jazz prog and more slices of French brilliance than you can shake a baguette at? Stay Alert. Our Room will keep you safe.