May 2020 Show: IsolationNet 2

Part 2 of our show to get you beyond the tedium of lockdown. And what a show. Mr Warlow has joined me for a battle, chosing some fine tunes to supplement my own noises from the cellar. Where but on Paradox Room can you mix French Afrobeat with now wave, US black punk from the early 70’s, freeform jazz prog and more slices of French brilliance than you can shake a baguette at? Stay Alert. Our Room will keep you safe.

April 2020 Show: IsolationNet

Another month. Another show. But now we have a captive audience. Close the blinds. Shut out that dangerous world and immunise your mind for some great new and archive sounds from the likes of Minami Deutsch, Capitol K, Wooden Shjips and Pigsx7. Let us keep you safe.

September 2019 Show


It’s the season of light and shade, warmth and cold. So what better than to grab a blanket and listen to the latest mix of curated sound, courtesy of Green Man Festival players Snapped Ankles, Stereolab and Skinny Pelembe, plus a smattering of unearthly gems. We send you the last embers of summer to embrace. Join us.

April 2019 Show: The Dark Side of Intrigue

Have you ever stepped into an abandoned building or entered an unlit tunnel? Your mind leaps into imaginary corners where unknown souls appear faintly in the gloom. This is the theme of this month’s show. A collection from the hidden side of music’s landscape. A place where most never go, with names nobody ever knows. But shine a light in and you’ll find creativity, colour and innovation; gemstones from the mines of Emerging sounds of drum’n’bass, death drone metal, glitch, electronica, jazz, etc. Music, like life, takes a leap of faith sometimes. Dig deep and discover the riches.