March 2018 Show – Warlow’s World of the Wired (Pt.2)

It’s here. Yes, pop pickers. Another exquisite selection from Mr Warlow. The frenetic look on his face as he squeezed out another bushel of alchemy into an hour is something that no minor should ever view. But it’s worth it. A brilliant mix featuring Capt. Beefheart, Tonto, Nova Collective, Orkestra Osmego Dnia and much much more. Let the Warlock into your head.

Listen Here


One thought on “March 2018 Show – Warlow’s World of the Wired (Pt.2)

  1. From Leopold Warlock, your host for this show:
    “Hello fight fans, yet another round of terpsichorean joy, presented @ Paradox Room & mixed by the quite annoyingly talented Tom O, Point, who has burnished these disparate sources into a beautifully presented program. We have rolled up our sleeves to delve
    Into the psyche (amidst Cerebrospinal fluid & what appears to be bits of Spam), to create a distraction from the daily onslaught of mindless twoddle. Hopefully, you will find yourself whistling these “choons”, as you wish “Milkie” a good day, or maybe as a musical backdrop to a night of throbbing conjugal filth. Any which way, if these tracks induce a medative calm, toe tapping excitement or merely a smile, then we & especially the artists included have achieved the desired effect. Tom, more power to yer elbow…..WAL”

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