May 2018 Show: The Dark Stuff

Our most unsettling show yet. 90 minutes of unbridled drone, featuring Sunn0))), Edith Progue, Stars in the Lid, Biosphere, Gultskra Artikle, Tunnels, Ulan Khol, Incandescent Void and other tortured souls to trap you in those twilight hours when you are alone. In Paradox Room, the only screams are in your head.


April 2018 Show: Are you Loathsome Tonight?

Undoubtedly Mr Warlow’s most unusual collection so far. Featuring no less than King Crimson, Burt Ward and White Noise. And just when you think normality may resume; up pops Peter Hammill and Robert Wyatt to rattle your psychic cage, before we all call in for tea at Viv Stanshall’s house. Some great music & sound from the biggest & best curator of eclectic records in Wales.